Calgary Diner Reviews & Recommendations

I decided with the holiday season and company arriving soon, that folks here in Calgary might like to know where to go for a great gluten free breakfast.We are so lucky to have some amazing places here in Calgary where you can enjoy a gluten free breakfast,  but I have really enjoyed the food at […]

Recommended: 1.2.3. Gluten Free Muffin Mix


I have found while traveling the aisles of Homesense stores, that they now carry quite a few gluten-free products. Now, I was never a packaged food purchaser but it is nice to have something quick on hand. And now that I have been doing this blog, I thought I would try a few things out, […]

Recommended: Avatara (Gluten-Free Pizzeria)

Today I was meeting my friend Jacquie for a coffee and to gab at the Lazy Loaf and Kettle in NW Calgary. As I was leaving the area I noticed a sign on the sidewalk saying gluten free pizza. Well, as you can imagine I pulled back into the lot to check this out.Avatara is a […]

Recommended: Divine Cravings (Canmore, Alberta)

Sorry for the update, but there was a typo in the name. The store is called “Divine Cravings”.I recently spent the day with my sister Shelley in the town of Canmore, Alberta. We wandered the streets, checking out the unique stores on main street.I could not believe it when I saw a sign that said […]

Recommended: Popcorn Maker


Ahhhh…the aroma of fresh popped popcorn is like nothing else. Especially the smell of popcorn being popped on the stove with oil.There is nothing better.My girlfriend Leslie first introduced me to an old-fashioned popcorn popper. For many years we as a family had been doing microwave popcorn. It was quick and easy.Well little did I […]

Recommended: The Greek Gods Greek Yogurt


Wondering the aisles of Amaranth Whole Food Market the other day I noticed that a table was set up offering samples of yogurt. I noticed that it was Greek Gods yogurt, a yogurt that was recommended by Shauna over at Gluten Free Girl.I tasted a small sample with blueberries and went “Wow, this is wonderful, tangy and rich in flavour.” […]

Bakery Review: GF Patisserie


Recently I went to a great GLUTEN FREE BAKERY that was opened in Cochrane, Alberta called GF Patisserie and it was fabulous!My sister had told me about this bakery after reading Macleans Magazine in December. But with the roads so icy, and Christmas looming, I had never gotten there until now. I actually went right […]

Try Macarons!


I am sure, some of you are thinking I have made a spelling mistake.. In Macarons…… Should it not be macaroons?Actually, NO!Macaroons are a coconut based cookie-and macarons are a French cookie. It is made with almonds. It has 2 delicate almond meringue wafers sandwiched with a luscious filling. Oh ya! Where, do you say-did […]

An Apology

Well, I owe all, who follow my blog, an apology.I have not updated my blog in almost 2 weeks. Now, where was I you ask?Sunny myself on a sandy beach?Sorry, no. That is not my excuse.You see my son, Cam does my blog for me. I type my blog into Word, insert all the photos […]