Travel Dairy: Big Island Part II

At the hotel I picked up the “Big Island of Hawaii Dining” in Paradise magazine. I was so excited when I saw one of the cover stories on Island Farmers Markets. Being in tropical paradise with heat and endless sunshine I couldn’t  imagine the abundance of fruit and veggies.I could hardly contain my excitement. When I opened up to […]

Travel Diary: Big Island Hawaii Part III

Spam, Spam, Spam.Why on earth would a gluten free blog have a story about Spam? Well, it seems to me that a travel diary about Hawaii has to include the subject. Why?Well, I knew I was going to have to write a blog about Spam while here in Hawaii when I went to Target and they had […]

Travel Diary: Big Island Part VI

I hope everyone has been enjoying my travel blogs about the Big Island, Hawaii. I had a really hard time trying to condense our trip in to one or two blogs so that’s why we ended up with six!This is the final blog on Hawaii.Time for a teaser! The next few blogs are going to be […]

Travel Diary: Big Island Hawaii Part V

We are really loving Hawaii. The sun, heat, waves, and humidity are absolutely lovely. We live in Calgary, Alberta and it’s winter there, which means cold temperatures, snow, no-humidity, and mega dryness. When we left Calgary my hands were cracking and bleeding. So you can understand all the enthusiasm.I would highly recommend the Hilton Waikoloa if you are […]

Travel Diary: Big Island Hawaii Part IV

Today was a great day!After lounging at the Hotel for 3 days, enjoying the sun and water, we got in to our rental car and went exploring.First we loaded up a beach bag and headed to Puako Beach. It’s a public beach, quite small, and has a lot of trees covering the sand, thus making […]

Travel Diary: Big Island Hawaii Part I

We departed Calgary on January 3rd for the Big Island in Hawaii. Kevin and I haven’t been to Hawaii since our honeymoon 26 years ago. On our honeymoon we visited Oahu and Kauai, so we were excited to see a new island. My hubby was also really excited about seeing the Volcano.Our flight was to […]