Recipe: Butter Chicken

I love Indian foods and flavors! Since my diagnosis of celiacs disease I have ventured out into more worldly experiences and discovered a real love for Indian spices. Dalbrent Spice […]

Recipe: Pumpkin Cake with Creamcheese Frosting

As promised here is a delicious gluten-free dessert recipe for the Thanksgiving holiday! If you missed the other thanksgiving recipes, check them out here. [print_this]Recipe: Pumpkin Cake with Creamcheese Frosting […]

Recipe: Tartar Sauce

I am always amazed how much better food tastes when I make it from scratch. I recently threw all our bottled salad dressings away once I started making homemade ones […]

Scrapbooking: A Sample

In my bio I had mentioned that I do a lot of crafting in my art room. I thought I would show you some of the scrapbook pages I have […]

Recipe: Snap Peas and Bacon

In July when I was in Seattle, snap peas were in season. Most restaurants were offering it as a side entry. At the Keg we were served a wonderful dish […]

Recipe: Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

One of the things I have discovered being celiac is I prefer making almost everything I eat from scratch. This way I know exactly what is in the food I […]

Recipe: Cajun Pulled Pork

Hmmmmm… the smell of this pork cooking over the day in my slow cooker was fabulous. The whole house smelled of spices, smoke, and meat! This is a great recipe […]