Gluten-Free Spicy Roasted Chickpeas

I love chickpeas! I discovered this new found love earlier this year when I had homemade hummus.  While browsing for recipe ideas, ‘Roasted Chickpeas’ kept popping up so I just had to try it. They’re a great crunchy snack and super easy to make. It would also make a terrific Christmas ‘Foodie’ gift.You can vary […]

Gluten-Free Tomatillo Salsa

This gluten-free tomatillo salsa recipe is packed with flavour and is super simple to make in a food processor.

This gluten-free tomatillo salsa is packed with flavour and is super simple to make in the food processor. This recipe is gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan. The first time I had green salsa was when we were in Santa Fe New Mexico. I experienced Christmas salsa when we ordered our meals. What is Christmas salsa? You […]

Ideas for Hosting a Gluten-Free Christmas Party (And Tips For Turkey Dinner)

I apologize in advance for the quality of photos in this post. I took them once the party had started and they turned out a bit blurry. I’ll blame the wine.This past weekend we hosted a Christmas/Housewarming party. With our renovation completed we wanted to combine showing off the house with a Christmas celebration.As with […]

Raw Gluten-Free Date Bars

 Before I was diagnosed with celiac disease, I had successfully lost weight following a physician monitored low carb diet. By following a low carb diet I was able to lose over 50 lbs. I was thrilled of course, relished in being thinner and felt great. My doctor was wonderful and worked with me closely.Once I […]

Gluten-Free Chai Spice Peanuts

Did you know most of the flavored nut mixtures on the market have gluten in them?Why not make your own and have some fun playing with flavor combos?Curry?BBQ?Sweet and Salty?Spicy Lime?What are your favorite combinations? This recipe makes a large bowl of peanuts. Great for a large gathering or for a movie night.