Gluten-Free Paleo Walnut Muffins

These easy to make paleo muffins are made without refined sugar or dairy and use simple ingredients: almond flour, eggs, powdered peanut butter and chocolate chips. Bake them on the weekend and you’ll have a grab-and-go breakfast alternative during the week. They are both gluten-free and grain-free. Paleo walnut muffins are terrific for a quick […]

Paleo Pumpkin Muffins

It is all about pumpkin right now. Pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pies and pumpkin decorations. Why not join in and share a recipe for paleo pumpkin muffins here. Weather is changing fast here and I’ve enjoyed seeing all the fallen leaves and the changing of the seasons.

Pink Paleo Pancakes

Here you go! New recipe #3 for March as promised. This time it is for pink paleo pancakes!! How do I make the pancakes pink you ask? Its not with artificial coloring either. I ordered a variety of natural powders from a company called Raw Nice (link to Raw Nice) and have been experimenting in […]

Gluten Free Pho Soup

Have you ever had Pho soup?Right now it seems to be the it thing, but I’ve enjoyed this soup for quite awhile on cold winter days at our local vietnamese restaurant.It is very flavourful broth type soup that can sometimes, if you do not ask, have quite a bit of heat to it.I myself do […]

Gluten-Free Paleo Asian Almond Chicken Salad

This is a guest recipe by Kendra Thornton. You can follow her on Twitter here.My husband and I had a fabulous vacation when we went to the Hawaiian Islands. We stayed at the Halekulani Hotel, amongst some of the top hotels in Honolulu, right in Waikiki. It has evolved into a resort that has won tons of […]