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Recipe: Gluten Free Preserved Meyer Lemons

Its been Meyer lemon season here in Calgary and I bought a few bags. Actually, I bought 7! So you’re probably wondering, “What does someone do with 7 bags of […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Lemonade Syrup

Meyer Lemons. I think you have all gathered by now that I enjoy Meyer Lemon season. Nothing made me happier than to find loads of Meyer Lemons at Costco a few […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Liquer

  You may be thinking… “Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Liquer? Why would you post a recipe for that?” A lot of alcohol out there has gluten in it. Did you know […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Curd

If you hadn’t realized it yet- I love my Meyer lemons! They are sweet and fabulous. I could eat this curd straight out of the jar. It’s even better when […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Squares

  I’ve been searching for a great Meyer Lemon Square. This past week I found one on the Land O’Lakes website, but  it was only for regular lemons. I personally love […]

Recipe: Home-Made Sugar Body Scrubs

It’s unbelievably dry here in Calgary. If anyone follows me on twitter you’ve probably noticed that I have been asking for remedies for my dry and cracked hands. I received a lot […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Date Truffles

  Here’s a great recipe for the holidays! I found this recipe in this month’s holiday issue of Chatelaine magazine. These truffles were super easy to make and don’t require […]