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This weekend we spent in Kananaskis country.
My husband’s company had their annual weekend away Christmas party.
It is a great time to spend catching up with co-workers and their families-plus spending time with our own.
This year only my youngest came with us-so Kevin and I still had a lot of time by ourselves relaxing.
We stayed at the Delta Kananaskis Lodge and because this is my second year of being gluten-free, I was very comfortable staying there. They are quite accommodating for me, and that is one less thing for me to worry about when I am away.
I was quite impressed, on Friday morning when I attended the breakfast held in the Signature club- they had gluten-free muffins available. They were quite good and even had real carrots grated in them.
In the restaurant, when I mention that I am celiac-they take time making our meal, making sure all the cookware is cleaned and no cross-contamination happens.
My only disappointment was in the Saturday function. Everyone else had a lovely pumpkin Panna cotta-Me? I got fresh fruit.
Now-I love fruit, it is just every year. I get fruit! There are so many lovely desserts that they could make for all to enjoy.
What about crème caramel?
Crustless cheesecake?
Flourless dark chocolate cake?
All this everyone could enjoy!!
But, please-if you are traveling through the mountains in Alberta- I highly recommend the Delta Kananaskis Lodge.
The views are breathtaking!
The service is warm and welcoming!
And there is nothing better on a cold winter day, than to snuggle up on the couch and sit by their roaring fire either on the Signature side or in the main lodge.
Here are some more winter photos from the weekend.




We ourselves came back to a winter storm in Calgary- Here is what the front of the house looked like.