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Ahh..travelling…I love to travel. I have learned in the last couple of years to be much more patient and to go with the flow. I am off to Texas for 2 weeks to visit my girlfriend. And as it always seems to be, getting from Calgary to Houston is not as easy at it seems.

Weather in Calgary lately has not been great. Winter came very early for us-which meant snow, icy roads and cold. My flight was supposed to leave at 8:15am but in the night Calgary got a lot of snow. I knew my flight might leave a little late, but I underestimated how late we would be. We boarded the plane after 8 and I was thinking, so far so good. It wasn’t until all passengers were seated and the door was closed-did the pilot get on the mic and inform us that there was a long line up for de-icing so we were sitting for a hour. Well, 50 minutes later, the pilot got on the mic again to say that a plane heading to de-icing had gotten stuck in the snow-so it was at least another hour to wait. As it ended up, we sat on the plane for 3 hours! Not leaving until 11am.

Was I upset? No! There was nothing I could do about the delay and I knew sometime that day I would be in TEXAS! Being celiac actually helped me in this situation, because I always carry food wherever I go. We all know that airlines do not provide food anymore, and the one’s that do make us pay for it. I can’t eat any of it anyways so I pack my own. THANK goodness, I did today. My gluten free english muffin, that I made at 5 am, came in very handy when I was hungry.

What about the other passengers?

What about the poor businessman who thought he would eat lunch when he got into Houston?

Our 3 1/2 hour flight ended up being 6 1/2 hours on the plane-most passengers were probably starving-or they ended up spending $10-20 on junk food.

Me? Not only did I have the muffin but I had other snacks in my bag (like sesame snaps – I always carry sesame snaps in my purse)

In a wierd way, being gluten-free has made me a better traveller. For I am better prepared for the ups and downs of travelling.

Eventually, I did make it to Houston. And I am enjoying my time with my girlfriend. In my next blog I will let you know how my gluten-free journey in Texas goes.