Gluten-Free Meyer Lemon Lemonade Syrup

Meyer Lemons.I think you have all gathered by now that I enjoy Meyer Lemon season. Nothing made me happier than to find loads of Meyer Lemons at Costco a few weeks ago. I took 4 large containers home with me and then wondered, “What should I do with all these lemons?”I knew I wanted fresh Meyer Lemon […]

Home-Made Sugar Body Scrubs

It’s unbelievably dry here in Calgary. If anyone follows me on twitter you’ve probably noticed that I have been asking for remedies for my dry and cracked hands.I received a lot of suggestions and I really appreciate all of them so thank you. Moving to a more humid climate isn’t an option unfortunately but the other suggestions […]

Gluten-Free Meyer Lemon Liquer

 You may be thinking… “Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Liquer? Why would you post a recipe for that?”A lot of alcohol out there has gluten in it. Did you know vodka has gluten in it? Information varies on how much gluten is in alcohol because of distilling,  without knowing 100%, I personally stay away from the unknowns.I was […]