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For any of you that follow me on Facebook and Instagram you will see almost daily photos of my Omelettes.
Being gluten free eggs are my best pals.
What I love about Omelettes other than that they are easy to make is that I can fill them with basically anything I have in my fridge.
Almost calling them “anything goes Omelettes”.
I had shared in a previous post how to make an omelette so I won’t go over in detail again how to make the perfect omelette.
But I will share with you some of my omelette fillings.
This morning I chopped up bacon and fried with it diced carrots and zucchini until bacon was cooked.
Doesn’t it look yummy?

The key to Omelette’s is to prepare your fillings ahead of time. Not days ahead, just first. Before cooking up your eggs, saute the filling ingredients.
One of my favorite breakfast spots in Seattle is Portage Bay Cafe and they make an omelette filled with crumbled sausage and sharp cheese.
I took the idea of this omelette and made my own version using ground pork, bacon, diced carrots and sharp cheddar cheese.

Omelettes can be filled with basically anything. It’s almost like a warm sandwich just using the whipped eggs as the “bread”.
How about an omelette filled with baby kale, ground pork and bacon?

* Make sure you cook the ground pork before filling your omelette though!
I found a bag of chopped collard, turnip and mustard greens and thought why not saute them and fill an omelette. This one has sautéed greens, chopped bacon and sharp white cheese.

I had ham leftover from a previous dinner so chopped it small, added sautéed chopped carrots, green onion and Brie cheese.

You don’t have to fill your omelette with meat as I tend to do. A vegetarian omelette filled with sautéed veggies is also delicious.
This omelette was filled with shredded zucchini, green onions and soft Greek feta cheese.

Hopeful you are in the mood for Omelette’s now, or are inspired to play with fillings with the ingredients you have in your fridge.
I find Omelette’s very filling and find having one for breakfast keeps me going through the day.
Plus I am watching my carbs and Omelette’s fill me up so that I’m not craving stuff I shouldn’t be eating right now.

gluten free filled omelette recipe
gluten free filled omelette recipe