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Well, this is my first blog. And as any journey, I hope to lead myself and others to a love of food and also make the food gluten free. I will experience bumps in the road, but I will write about those bumps, how I feel about them, and also, write about the many successes.
This has been a rough week for me. For some reason, weight has always been an issue in my life-and a really hard one at that. Let me give you a little background about me-without going into specifics about my childhood(my kids would cringe if I got into that).
I was on my first diet when I was 10. And back then, a diet meant A LOT of COTTAGE CHEESE. Only recently have I been able to eat cottage cheese-that tells you how much cottage cheese I ate as a kid.
But through the years I have lost and gained-going on various diets-and at times suffering from asthma and food allergies. After my third child was born I gained a lot of weight. Yes, you heard me right AFTER he was born. I was diagnosed with low thyroid and basically told that I would gain weight through the years.
Four years ago I started seeing a weight management doctor named Dr. McKenna and in working with her, I followed a low carb diet that worked. And lost 50 lbs and felt great! I thought I had won the battle.
And as always my journey continued. After reaching my goal Dr McKenna started me back on wheat………….and through the next year started gaining back the weight, but also getting sick. And as anyone who has celiac disease knows, when you eat gluten you get really sick. I was finally tested for celiac disease, and after a biopsy, got the diagnosis.
Now, for myself, I thought that once I stopped eating gluten, my body would stop thinking I was starving myself and I would stop gaining-and hopefully start losing. NOT SO!!
So, here I am! Fighting this weight battle again, while navigating myself through this wheat world we live in.
Beginning of the week, not great-but as always I am going to adapt myself. Take the battle on-and enjoy life also. I hope to figure out a balanced program of what I need, to with what my family will go along with-but still smiling through it all.
Today is going to be a great day!