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Hi there!
I just had to send this your way because it’s very important to me and I think it will be for you too!
If you have a son or daughter or someone else you know who has experienced bullying or rejection, you’ll want to watch this short video.
Our family recently took a family vacation to Fargo. My son Cam who’s the other part of Wheat Free Mom was speaking at TEDxFargo where he shared my most heartbreaking rejections and biggest humiliations in front of hundreds of people.
As a mom it was really tough to hear the bullying he went through as a teenager, but I was very proud of him for opening up!
It was the scariest thing he had ever done!
But he did it for a good reason: He wants to take the stigma of rejection and bullying out of our culture’s collective closet.
Our fear of rejection pushes us to hide away and dampens our own brilliance. We keep our rejection a secret because we think it makes us unlovable.
It doesn’t have to be this way
And now he needs your help.
It’s really important for me to get this message out there.
So please click here and watch this TEDx talk.
If the message resonates with you, please share it. The more people that see it the more impact we can make. This is really important to him and I appreciate it a lot!
Click here to watch his short talk now
This has the power to save people from a lot of needless torment and suffering. It can give those hurting some hope.
To connect with Cam you can comment on the video, or reach out on any of these mediums: EmailTwitterFacebook PageYouTube, or Instagram.
Cam Adair is a speaker and thought leader who helps millennials use adversity as fuel for growth, connection and purpose. Watch his new TEDx talk is on The Surprising Truth About Rejection. Follow him on twitter @camerondare and get free tools to overcome your own challenges in his newsletter.
Thanks for your help. I will have a new recipe coming your way in the next few days!
I hope you have an incredible day.
– Carrie