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Part of the reason I decided to blog, is that I am a follower of other excellent blogs. Right now, my favorites are:

Please check them out. They are funny at times, and also very insightful about living gluten free.
Shauna Ahern AKA Gluten Free Girl wrote a book titled: Gluten Free Girl. It was the first book I read after being diagnosed. I remember being so upset about all the foods I now couldn’t eat. And being raised German/Ukrainian- baking was second nature to me-and now-WHAT WAS I GOING TO BAKE? After reading her book-I remember being in awe-of all the wonderful foods still out there. Her description of various fruits and cheese made my mouth water. She made me feel, like I could survive this new road I was on.
I will never forget when Shauna posted a recipe for oatmeal cookie. I bought all the ingredients and followed her recipe. Now first let me tell you I never measure-I was taught how to cook, by just eyeballing everything.
A piece of advice-you HAVE TO MEASURE in gluten free cooking. Things will NOT turn out. I guarantee that.
Anyhow, I made those cookies-and I have to tell you I felt like I had come home. I used to bake all the time for my family, and did not know, how, I was going to continue doing that. The cookies were fantastic-in fact-they tasted just like all the other oatmeal cookies I used to make. I was me again That is what these blogs have done for me-they have given me the sense of normality-which, when you are gluten free-you feel you do not have.
The banana bread that is on the Gobsmacked blog-is unbelievable-in fact, I think it is better than the one I used to make with wheat.

On the blog Elana’s Pantry Elana recently wrote a cookbook called “The Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook”. I am currently baking my way through this cookbook-and have found some recipes delightful.
On Saturday I went to the farmers market and picked up some sugar pumpkins for thanksgiving. That afternoon I roasted the pumpkin and made pumpkin pie. I followed Elana’s recipe for almond pastry (in her book), and was happy with the results. Next time I will cover the edges of the pie crust with aluminum foil-for mine was a little too dark for me. But I took that pie to Lethbridge on Sunday to visit my mom and stepfather. My mom enjoyed the pie-and also liked the crust. To me-that is always a success. Share a normal thing like pumpkin pie with family and have all enjoy it-NO one is left out. YAH!
Another reason, I wanted to start blogging was that I found a lot of the sites I visit are mostly American-have not found a Canadian one. Sometimes, the ingredients listed for recipes are not available here. For example- Karina recently posted a recipe for green Chile. She describes the abundance of green chilies available this time of year in New Mexico-and then described many different uses in recipes with them.
Well-here is sunny Calgary Alberta-we do not see a lot of green chilies-in fact I have never really seen any here. Now, I enjoyed looking at the recipes and they all sounded delicious-but after going to my local farmers market this past week-and finding NO green chilies available-I realized maybe other gluten free readers-were not able to get green chilies either. I needed to find recipes and ingredients available for people like me. Thus, why I am blogging.
So, please, I ask you-if you are looking for a recipe, have questions regarding being gluten free, want to share your gluten free recipes, or your valuable information regarding being gluten free, please let me know in the comment section below. If I do not have the answer I will get it.