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gluten free avocado chocolate pudding recipe
amber approved and wheat free mom

Today’s recipe is an Avocado Chocolate Pudding by Amber Romaniuk.
I met Amber through a photographer that was taking my photos for Catelli pasta. The photographer was unaware that I had a gluten free blog and mentioned he had just finished taking photos for a new cookbook that was coming out by Amber.
He then texted Amber to ask if she knew my blog and surprisingly she was a fan of my blog and was excited to meet me.
Amber invited me to her cookbook launch and I enjoyed meeting her and hearing her talk passionately about food issues, sugar addiction and the power that food has in wellness.
Her recipes are gluten free, dairy free and also sugar free.
We had coffee recently and I knew when a 1 hour lunch turned into 2 hours of chatting that we would learn from each other but also support each other in our passions. Amber has such passion about food and it’s issues that I hope you check out her site.
I asked Amber if she would be interested in sharing her story on my blog plus a healthy recipe with my readers. She said “Of course!”

Enter Amber

amber approved gluten free recipes
amber approved gluten free recipes
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So it’s the New Year and we are halfway through February, which is hard to believe. It’s also hard to believe that it’s been 2 years since I kicked my sugar and gluten-addictions and have had a whole world of awesome open up.
After dealing with a food addiction and binge eating which were fueled largely by gluten, sugar & MSG as well as a large lack of self-love void, I feel so free and in a space of such empowerment to share my story with the world, as well as my recipes and knowledge/experience as a Holistic Nutritionist who now specializes in supporting those who deal with emotional eating, intense cravings for sugars and other ingredients that can throw our lives for a loop.

I was lucky enough to be introduced to Carrie by a very talented photographer here in Calgary who mentioned we should meet. I felt very privileged to have them attend my book launch for “Amber Approved: Gluten, Dairy & Sugar-free” in December.
The book is my first of many Amber Approved versions to come. It’s a collection of 65 recipes that are all gluten, dairy, corn, soy and refined-sugar free. A bit of everything from breakfast to salads to sweet treats and desserts that you do not have to feel guilty about indulging in.

While going through my own cycles of deprivation and binging, I vowed there would have to be a balance, a happy medium where I could still have the chocolate or my favorite cookie, but that I could shift all of the refined ingredients to more natural whole foods options, where my creativity exploded and Amber Approved was born. The blood sugar spikes aren’t as big, and the satisfaction after having a few bites is so fulfilling.
There’s no more need to want to just devour everything in sight when you are using really top quality ingredients.
So being that we are in February, and there has just been a lot of chocolate boxes going around for Valentine’s Day, I thought why not share one of my most favorite recipes for a basic Chocolate Avocado pudding.
Simple, easy to make and absolutely delicious and satisfying. This recipe contains some great whole foods including avocado which are a great source of healthy Omega 9 fats which especially help to support balance of female hormones. Maca is great for supporting proper adrenal function as well as increased libido and fertility, while raw cacao is a great source of magnesium, antioxidants and has mood enhancing properties.
I really am passionate about sharing the health benefits of each ingredient, as when society can be educated on what they are eating and the benefits, they can start to look at their food as more than just food to survive or taste good, they can look at it and feel good knowing they are aware of what they are putting in their bodies. They can be proud to be educated and know that they just had nutrients their body can use and have more balanced health physically, mentally and emotionally because of that. It’s such a satisfying feeling!
So I’m happy to share my Chocolate Avocado Pudding Recipe as well as that I will be hosting an Amber Approved Love Chocolate Workshop Thursday March 20th you to come out and learn some fantastic new knowledge while you sample some of my most favorite.

Avocado Chocolate Pudding

• Prep time 10 minutes
• Serves 4-5
• Garnish with raspberries, cacao nibs, chopped hazelnuts, shredded coconut or mint leaves
Prep Time 10 minutes


  • 4 ripe avocados
  • 1/2 tsp Maca powder
  • 7 tbsp raw cacao powder
  • 4-5 tbsp lucuma powder
  • 1 tbsp organic vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup unsweetened coconut or almond milk
  • 1/2 cup dark grade maple syrup


  • Remove pit and shell from avocado.
  • Add all ingredients into a high speed blender or food processor and blend until.
  • Adjust flavor to taste, to make a slight bit sweeter add another tbsp of lucuma.
  • To make it a bit less thick add more milk.
  • Serve into bowls and add top with berries, cacao nibs, coconut or whatever you.
  • Keeps chilled in fridge for 2-3 days smooth and creamy powder.
Tried this recipe?Let us know how it was!
gluten free avocado chocolate pudding recipe

If you’re in Calgary, definitely check out the Amber Approved Love Chocolate Workshop Thursday March 20th where you to learn some fantastic new knowledge about nutrition while you sampling some of her favorite recipes.