Making Muffins Late at Night


I have found that old habits are hard to break.

Such as, late in the evening I tend to want to throw some quick muffins or cookies into the oven. Before my diagnosis, I could just throw something quick together and within 20 minutes-there would be fresh baking.

Now that I am gluten free. Baking is more complicated. I have accepted that, but still sometimes, I want to be able to throw something quickly together.

So, I have been experimenting with gluten free mixes. I want to be able to throw something together quickly and have a great result.

Last night, around 8:30pm I felt like baking.

I did not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen-just wanted to whip up some quick yummies for the next day.

My sister had brought over a couple of boxed mixes the last time she was over for me to try. So I did!

The instructions were very simple-and when mixing they actually looked like regular muffins. I added mixed nuts, raisins, goji berries and some dark chocolate chips. The result was quite satisfying.

In fact, I took all the muffins to my exercise class this morning and everyone really liked them.

I was happy!

I will keep some of these boxes on hand now for my next late night baking craving. Next time though, I will add frozen blueberries-I think that would taste great!


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  1. I tried making muffins with this brand – Celimix – and it wasnt my favorite – reason I gave the boxes to Carrie to try. There is an ingredient in Celimix that I have not identified that my body reacts to. I have lots of food sensitivities including issues with gluten and I like the El Peto brand much better. They have lots of products you can find in many stores in Calgary. (
    They have a muffin mix that works well. So, next time give it a try!

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