Try Macarons!


I am sure, some of you are thinking I have made a spelling mistake.. In Macarons…… Should it not be macaroons?

Actually, NO!

Macaroons are a coconut based cookie-and macarons are a French cookie. It is made with almonds. It has 2 delicate almond meringue wafers sandwiched with a luscious filling. Oh ya! Where, do you say-did I hear about macarons?

Well, as everyone who knows me well, knows,

I love Paris!


Even, just saying the word Paris, brings a smile to my face. And every time I am there I visit one of my favorite places Laduree.


It is a true Parisian gem. It is filled with delicate cookies, pastries, ice creams, and of course aromatic teas, and great meals. I have been to Paris 3 times, and every time-I make time for Laduree.


This is a close up shot of their window. Look at all those macarons stacked up-It is a joy for all my senses.

The last time I was in Paris I brought a box of macarons home.


However a dozen of these delicate cookies are not going to last for long- And unfortunately, I cannot visit Paris on a regular basis, especially not just for macarons.

So, I was pleasantly surprised after reading a blog called The Celiac Husband That a new stand had opened at the Calgary Farmers Market And it carried these delicate cookies.

I drove to the Farmers Market this weekend and picked up 6 macarons. The flavors I chose were rose water, salty caramel, framboise(raspberry) and dark chocolate.



Once I was home, I made myself a cup of tea, placed the raspberry one on a plate And took a bite.


Wow! What a joy to my taste buds it was. Crunchy on the outside and moist with a wonderful filling on the inside.

Please visit this booth at the Calgary Farmers Market-Macaron

You will not be disappointed in these gems.

And hopefully, it will remind you of Paris too!

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  1. Having moved from Calgary to Edmonton recently, I have been in search of gf products in a new city. While GF Patiserrie does have their products available in a store here in Edmonton, I have had a host of products to be replaced with local suppliers…

    Macarons however, I had not tried before coming here… there’s a little bakery (not a dedicated gluten free bakery mind you…) on 124st called Duchess Bake Shop. A long story short- if you’re in Edmonton and requiring a gf sugar fix… or a macaron fix… this is absolutely the place to go! Delish!

  2. Thanks for your comments. If you need any help with recipes or any questions regarding being gluten free, please ask me. I am trying to be a resource for celiacs. Plus if you have any tried and true recipes, please share them with me and I will post them here.

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