An Apology

by Carrie

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Well, I owe all, who follow my blog, an apology.

I have not updated my blog in almost 2 weeks. Now, where was I you ask?

Sunny myself on a sandy beach?

Sorry, no. That is not my excuse.

You see my son, Cam does my blog for me. I type my blog into Word, insert all the photos I want to use, and then I forward it all to him. He then masterfully converts it all and uploads it into a blog for me.

Well, he has moved home. He had been living in Victoria, BC and now has moved back home. So, in the process of moving-he has had no time to work on it for me.

But, be assured, I have been baking and baking.

I have many good recipes to share with you and some, that didn’t work out.

Yes, this should have been seen before Christmas-but heck, baking is an all year thing!!

In fact, even though there are many, many Tupperware containers of cookies on my kitchen table, I felt like baking today.

Yes, that is silly-and yes, I did NOT bake.

Although, my other son, David-took the Tupperware container of sugar cookies down to his room today-he was tired of coming up constantly for one here and there. Yes, I have a winner recipe for sugar cookies-and I will share them with you. I have also been reviewing cookbooks lately. Trying out, others journeys into the gluten free world-and seeing if they were successful.

So, trust in this, that for the next week-there will be a new blog everyday. I have taken tons of photos and made hoards of cookies.

In fact, at 9pm right now I have a turkey in the oven. Why, again you say-do I have a turkey cooking so late? Well, my husband and I were at superstore this afternoon, picking up a few things, and they had marked down a fresh turkey to $15.

No? this is not a typo-and that is exactly why we took it home and I am now roasting it in the oven-for all of us to enjoy turkey for the next week. YUM!!

Here is my on going review of the cookbook:

“Artisanal Gluten Free Cookbook”


I have so far made only one thing from this cookbook-the Bread.

My first attempt results are still in question.

I found the dough very thick and heavy-and was questioning the results, even before I baked it.

Now, it did smell really good, and it did rise okay.

To me, all bread hot out of the oven tastes great. And this did taste good-however, I found it left me with a “sandy-almost gritty” feel after. My daughter thought it tasted good. I needed to do the next day taste test-and in this-I wasn’t sold. Again, I have only made it once-and will try it again to see, if the results are any different.


Tomorrow morning, I will make the Belgian waffles, and the cinnamon rolls and I will let you know, how these turn out.

Please stay tuned for more-and as promised the sugar cookie recipe will follow this week too.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the new year!

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