Energy Bites Cookbook

I am not being paid for my review so my opinions of this cookbook are entirely my own.

energy bites cookbook review
energy bites cookbook review
energy bites cookbook review
energy bites cookbook review

Okay I admit it I am a cookbook addict.
I admit that when I am in my local Chapters bookstore I always check out the new cookbook section and I, truth be told, will buy a new cookbook more often then I buy a new fiction book.
I love seeing what other foodies like me are making and what inspires them to share it. I am drawn to cookbooks that showcase fresh ingredients and have a lot of photos in them.
The bright cover of Energy Bites as well as the words “high protein recipes for increased vitality and wellness” sparked me to pick it up and take a look inside.
I saw recipe after recipe of healthy snacks that I knew I wanted to make so it was an easy decision to purchase this book.
Once home I shared on Twitter that I had purchased the cookbook and a few minutes later DK Publishing asked if I would do a review and share my thoughts.
It was easy to say Yes to that.
I have made quite a few of the recipes and really the only thing you have to have in your kitchen is a food processor. The recipes are not complicated and require just measuring the ingredients and pulsing them together.
Some Energy Bites require baking in the oven and some are no-bake but they are all protein rich, low GI, no refined sugar and use healthy fats.
I would recommend this cookbook for all the parents our there looking for healthy snacks to put in their kids lunchbox.
I made the recipe for Apple “Pie” bites and still have a few left in my freezer for when I am looking for a no-guilt treat.

I had a banana not looking so good on my counter so instead of throwing it the freezer I made the recipe for Peanut Butter and Banana Balls. I did not have any moringa powder and I think the energy bites still turned out terrific. I will make these ones again the next time I am going on a long bike ride and need a healthy power snack.

The Raw Chocolate Instant Energy Treats was a must make for me because who cannot resist chocolate? Not me for sure! I again did not have bee pollen granules to roll them in so substituted with raw cocoa powder instead.
If you are a chocolate fan and looking for a healthy treat I suggest this recipe. I keep the treats in my freezer if I need a chocolate fix.

You can purchase your own copy of the Energy Bites Cookbook on Amazon.

Nordic Ware Product Review

nordic ware
I am attending Food Bloggers Canada Conference in Vancouver Oct 17-19. This is my first blogger conference and I cannot wait! There are so many bloggers from Canada that I’ve never met and will be introducing myself to many.
Shauna from Gluten Free Girl is one of the keynote speakers and she is my gluten free hero.
Why would I say hero? When I was first diagnosed with celiacs disease and thought my world had so changed I read her first book and she made me realize life was not over and I could enjoy food still. In fact she said to embrace good quality food, invest in the best olives, the best cheese and fresh local veggies. Eat real food.
She is one of the reasons I am so excited to attend this conference.
I was sent a big box of conference swag from NordicWare.
nordic ware
I am at heart a baker so receiving a big box of baking products to try was exciting to me.
I received a Prep bowl set, a set of cast iron cookie stamps, a huge, big cookie sheet and a piñata cake pan.
The one product that I was nervous to try was the piñata cake. It was not so much about the prep making a piñata cake, it was about making a gluten free one. This cake is baked in 2 pieces and hollow inside. Gluten free cakes tend to fall apart more easily so I really did not want to fail at this.
I did not fail and neither did the piñata cake pan.
I also made the cake dairy free. Nothing like throwing in more than one challenge to my baking adventure.
I filled my piñata cake with gluten free dairy free jelly beans and gummi bears from Surf Sweets.
I would have loved to have this piñata cake pan when my kids were younger. I’m thinking a death star cake for my star wars fan would have been great!
gluten free pinata cake recipe
gluten free pinata cake recipe
gluten free pinata cake recipe
I used all the products and the extra large cookie sheet is nice when you are making big batches of cookies.
The cast iron cookie stamps were fun to play with too. These stamps will be fun at Christmas time with gluten free shortbread.
gluten free pinata cake recipe
Thank you Nordic Ware for sending me this big box of goodies and I loved all the products!

Sobeys New Line of Gluten-Free Products

review of sobeys gluten free products

Recently the grocery store Sobeys started carrying their own line of gluten free products and asked me if I would do a review.
Their Compliments Gluten free products are endorsed and certified by the Canadian Celiac Association.
Sobeys is a Canadian grocery store and they have also started working with Jamie Oliver to encourage Canadians to cook more at home. As someone who has always been a home cook, I like that philosophy.
After saying that I would be interested in looking at their gluten free products a big box was delivered to my house.

review of sobeys gluten free products

The first thing I tried was the Gluten-Free Moist Quinoa Muffins.

review of sobeys gluten free products

By the way, their baked goods are not frozen in the store. They are fresh. No unthawing necessary!
Can you imagine buying a fresh loaf of gluten free bread?
Can you buy gluten free muffins not frozen?
Next I grabbed the gluten free white cake mix and the chocolate gluten free cake mix and baked up cupcakes.
With the gluten free white cake mix I added ground vanilla, lime zest and some lime juice to the batter.
With the gluten free chocolate cake mix I added a bit of espresso powder, pure hazelnut extract and some dark chocolate chips.
Once they were finished baking and cooling I whipped up some raspberry butter cream icing and then delivered these cupcakes to my daughters school.
1) I do not need 24 cupcakes hanging around my house, 2) I knew she and her fellow teachers would enjoy a treat.
From what I hear, the cupcakes were a huge hit!

gltuen free cupcakes recipe
gluten free cupcakes recipe
gluten free cupcakes recipe

The Compliments gluten free line also includes a gluten-free pancake/waffle mix.
My creative brain got inspired and I decided to use the waffle mix to make mini donuts.
This, I would highly recommend for a kids birthday party. Easy to do and a great idea!

gluten free jam cookies recipe

Finally, I baked cookies from the Compliments Gluten free Cookie Mix.
Truthfully, I have never made cookies from a mix but was very pleased with how these cookies turned out.
Again I added dark chocolate chips, dried cranberries and raw coconut to the batter.
The cookies were soft and chewy and did not dry out the next day.

gluten free jam cookies recipe

The last thing I tried was the Compliments Gluten Free Multigrain Sandwich Roll.
Again, the first thing you will notice is it is NOT frozen.
What a great thing for kids lunches!
Can you see how fluffy this roll is?

gluten free bread meat sandwich recipe

I lightly toasted the bun and made myself a meatball hoagie.
I like to test things, so I only ate half and then waited 20 minutes before I ate the second half to see if the bun fell apart or was soggy.
Guess what everyone?
This multigrain gluten free sandwich roll ROCKS!!!
It held its shape, it didn’t fall part or get soggy.

gluten free bread meat sandwich recipe

If you are lucky enough to live in Canada I would suggest you try out this new line of gluten free products from Sobeys.
For other great recipes your family will love this February, grab a copy of my cookbook, which contains 55 other delicious recipes your kids and the rest of your family will love… all absolutely gluten-free, including these 3 amazing dessert recipes: Gluten-Free Creme Caramel, Gluten-Free Raspberry Cake, and a classic Gluten-Free Rhubarb Raspberry Crisp!


Gluten-Free Cookbook Review (And Another Free Giveaway!)

gluten free cookbook giveaway

Congrats to Kristin who won the giveaway!
As promised here is another cookbook review and with it, another giveaway.
Are you excited?
The cookbook I’m reviewing today has probably the best bread recipe I’ve ever tried.
The cookbook is Gluten Free Makeovers by Beth Hillson(You can also buy it if you don’t want to wait!)
Again and again, the bread turns out incredibly.
It rises over the bread loaf pan, does not fall, and tastes like a regular “gluten-filled” loaf of bread.
gluten free bread
gluten free bread
I’ve even divided the dough in two, and baked in my baguette pans, getting fantastic results.
gluten free bread
gluten free bread
Beth’s cookbook features 175 recipes from baking to savoury family favorites.
This cookbook is now regularly used in my kitchen and I would highly recommend it.
Beth lists various flour blends in her book and all blends are used for specific baking purposes.

  • Bread flour #1 (all breads)
  • Bread flour #2 (high protein with chickpea flour)
  • Self-Rising Flour (muffins, quickbreads, scones)
  • Cake and Pastry Flour(cakes and cupcakes)
  • Basic Blend (cookies)
gluten free muffins
gluten free bread

As well as making Delicious Slicing Bread, I’ve made the Fabulous Focaccia, Basic Muffin Formula, Cranberry Scones, Socca (chickpea flatbread), Baked Brie wrapped in “nearly puff pastry” and Sugar Cookies.
I have to admit that the basic muffin formula turned out better than I could have imagined. Again, rising and filling the large muffin liners as well as being light and fluffy.

The cookbook is filled with a wide variety of recipes and I found the instructions for the recipes very easy to follow.
Again, I am in awe of this talented author and her wealth of information and knowledge.
Gluten-Free Makeovers would be a great gift to give to a newly diagnosed friend or relative, or like me, someone who wants to have a “go-to” cookbook on my bookshelf.

Congrats to Kristin who won the giveaway!
Good luck!
Also, congratulations to Mary who won the previous contest for the Gluten Free and Vegan Bread cookbook

Gluten-Free Vegan Bread Cookbook by Jennifer Katzinger (And A Free Giveaway!)

gluten free vegan bread cookbook review

Over the last 6 months I’ve purchase quite a few cookbooks, scoured tons of recipes on the Internet and have made many, many loafs of gluten free bread.
Why have I done this?
I am searching for bread.
Gluten free bread.
I know I will never make a loaf of gluten free bread that is exactly as the big loafs of bread I used to make for my family, but close would be nice.
Did you know my recipe for the best Gluten-Free Homemade Bread is actually one of the most popular on my blog?
Is this too much to ask?
Well, it has seemed that way in some of the many loafs of bread I’ve baked. It is amazing to me what people can post as a recipe. I’m a fairly good baker and can follow instructions easily but there have been many loafs after baking that have been thrown away.
Does it make me angry?
It does because gluten free flours are costly.
But it truly is something I’ve been wanting to find and share for you all.
(My mission with Wheat Free Mom is to provide you guys with the best resource for your gluten-free lifestyle possible… and that includes having easy-to-follow instructions. Is there something I could be doing better for you guys to make it easier? Let me know here. Also remember: our Facebook community is VERY active and I answer a lot of extra questions on there, so make sure you join us.)
I’ve continued trying recipes, even though at times I’ve been frustrated, but I really wanted to share a great cookbook with you.
On Twitter one morning in December I saw a picture of Jennifer Katzinger’s latest cookbook: “Gluten-Free & Vegan Bread Cookbook” and that had me running to Chapters to pick up.
Gluten-Free & Vegan Bread cookbook?
I had to have it now.
The first thing I made was the Mother Wild Starter. I’ve made sourdough starter before, but this recipe uses teff flour, purple cabbage leaves and apple skin.
Personally I have never made a starter this way, but was happy to see that she uses grains which have higher fiber content as well as more nutrients than just regular white rice flour.
I then decided to make Country Batard. This recipe allows you to free form the dough, and that excited me to bake the bread on my pizza stone.
One of the best parts of the recipe was the experience of playing with the dough. It brought me back to pre-celiac days of playing with bread dough.
I enjoyed this loaf of bread, it had a nice crusty shell and great flavour. I would definitely make this loaf when serving a big bowl of soup. It would be great to serve hot out of the oven when you are entertaining.

measuring cups
gluten-free vegan bread dough
gluten-free vegan bread dough
gluten-free vegan bread with knife

After allowing the Mother Wild Starter to “grow and feed” for 48 hours, I then made a Sourdough Baton loaf. I have to say that I really liked the use of teff flour. It lends itself to a rich and warm aroma in the house.
This was not a large loaf of bread and it was fairly dense in texture, but I still enjoyed this loaf. It resembles an artisanal bread.
After good success with these 2 loaves I decided to try a batter bread. The breads require no yeast or rising agent and other than allowing the necessary 2 day process, it is an easy loaf to make.
The combination of cornmeal, teff and buckwheat flour plus molasses interested me so I made the Buckwheat Batter bread. The only change I made to the recipe was adding an additional cup of flour to the batter the next day. I found the dough to be too dry, especially with our altitude in Calgary.
The batter bread rose nicely in the oven and filled the house with the sweet smell of molasses.
I was excited to try this bread, but have to be truthful in saying, this loaf was not for me. It was too chalky and lacked flavour. I think I will make this bread again, but will add nuts and seeds to batter as well as more sweetener.

gluten-free vegan bread
gluten-free vegan bread

I would highly recommend this cookbook if you are looking to use more whole grain gluten free flours, no eggs or butter, plus making wholesome artisanal breads.
Jennifer Katzinger has written other gluten free vegan cookbooks and I’ve enjoyed trying out her other recipes. A couple of years ago I also had the opportunity to try her bakery in Seattle called the Flying Apron Bakery. She’s no longer the owner of the bakery but it is a great place to visit for gluten free & vegan baked goods if you’re ever in Seattle.
As a thank you to you, my readers, I’ve decided to give away a copy of this cookbook. It is always in my kitchen and I want to share one with a lucky winner.

Update: Contest now over. Congratulations to Mary Campbell for winning! Make sure you subscribe to our blog to have a chance to enter the next contest.

Pure Anada Cosmetics

Product Review: Pure Anada Cosmetics
Product Review: Pure Anada Cosmetics

Today I am switching up doing a recipe to do a blog about a wonderful Canadian cosmetic company: Pure Anada Inc.
My daughter has been reading the book “There’s Lead in Your Lipstick” by Gillian Deacon and was growing increasingly concerned about the chemicals used in makeup and skincare. In doing a lot of research about natural products she came across the company Pure Anada and we ordered some skincare and cosmetics to try.
We have BOTH been really pleased!
I love that they list all ingredients for all the products. No surprises there.
They also list all the products that they do not use, that can be commonly found in skincare and cosmetics.

They say NO to…
Synthetic Colors
Artificial Fragrances
Harsh Preservatives
Nano-Sized Minerals
Bismuth Oxychloride

Product Review: Pure Anada Cosmetics

Why is this important in a gluten free blog?
Well I figure our skin is our largest organ and I work really hard to eat gluten free, why would I want gluten products on my skin?
Did you know that most high end shampoos and conditioners have wheat in them? Most body care companies that you find in the mall, like The Body Shop and Bath & Body Works, have wheat in their products.
Did you know that most, if not all of the vitamin E used in skincare and cosmetics is derived from WHEAT GERM OIL?
IT is definitely NOT something I want my skin to absorb.
What I love about Pure Anada is that their vitamin E is from rice bran or soy. I really LOVE their openness about all the ingredients they use. So many products out there do not advertise what they put in our products.
To me, that is a concern.
If you are looking for skincare or cosmetics that are FREE of Synthetic colorants, artificial fragrances, harsh preservatives, petrochemicals, common allergens and animal testing- I encourage you to give PURE ANADA a try.
I encourage you all to become more aware of the skincare and cosmetics that you are using. I know for me, it makes a difference on how I feel if I keep my body free of gluten.
If you find anything you think the gluten-free community will enjoy, feel free to let us know!

Bakery Review: GF Patisserie



Recently I went to a great GLUTEN FREE BAKERY that was opened in Cochrane, Alberta called GF Patisserie and it was fabulous!
My sister had told me about this bakery after reading Macleans Magazine in December. But with the roads so icy, and Christmas looming, I had never gotten there until now. I actually went right after Christmas but found them to be closed.
I am so, so happy I finally made it there.
They are located in the small town of Cochrane which is about 10 minutes from my house in NW Calgary. The bakery is located in a small blue house on 3rd Ave.


To find out their hours of operation, and information about GF Patisserie you can visit their website at
While you are visiting this site, please click on the blog. It is called The Celiac Husband. It informs you about what is going on in the bakery and also recently, about which restaurants in Calgary carry their products.
I was so excited to be there, and had a lovely conversation with the owner about the bakery, her products, and of course being celiac. I mentioned that I had a blog on living with celiac and I hope they will be happy with my review.


In this box, I purchased a coffee cake, a lemon loaf, a brownie, and banana bread.
As you can see, I had a taste of the banana bread right away. It was moist and airy, something that is NEVER said about gluten free baking.


I also purchased a fresh loaf of flax sandwich bread and a “fresh out of the oven” flatbread. As a gluten-free baker, I have tried to bake almost everything. Bread always gives me a hard time. I want a loaf of bread that is airy, and not heavy in texture. I can promise you will be delighted with this bread.



See how light and airy this bread is?
So, one of the first things I did once I returned home was to make a sandwich. To truly test a loaf of bread you need to make a sandwich.
And again, let me tell you-FABULOUS!! I almost wept with joy. As someone, who grew up with fresh bread every day, I really do miss it. But now, I HAVE MY SANDWICH BACK!


Since I am still trying to lose weight, and did not want to overload my calorie consumption, over the last 4 days I have been tasting the bakeries products.


The lemon loaf was delightful. The freshness of the lemon burst in my mouth.


The coffee cake, was mildly sweet, airy and with a touch of cinnamon.


The brownie was again, not overly sweet and I loved the marbling – both in taste and texture.
Being able to make fabulous grilled cheese again is one of my favorite discoveries with the bread. I am having so much fun experimenting with different cheeses these days. Yum!


Please, if you are in the neighborhood of Calgary and in search of great gluten-free baking – make a trip to Cochrane and visit GF Patisserie.
You won’t be disappointed!