Recipe: Tartar Sauce

I am always amazed how much better food tastes when I make it from scratch.

I recently threw all our bottled salad dressings away once I started making homemade ones – there is just no comparison.

So again it was a lesson I learned today when I was frying up fish for supper. I really enjoyed tartar sauce when I was a kid however I did not have any in the fridge.

Did a little research on the internet and found that tartar sauce is quite simple to make. Gave it a try and again I am dumbfounded how much better homemade sauce is than bottled. Not having wheat is time and time again proving to be a good thing.

[print_this]Recipe: Tartar Sauce

1 cup mayo
2 T fresh lemon juice
1 T sweet relish
1 T finely chopped green onion

Stir and serve. Keep in refrigerator.[/print_this]

What lessons about food have you found since going gluten-free?

Do you have a homemade dressing that you love to make?

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  1. I love fish and chips, and the only way I can eat them is from scratch! There is nothing is better than freshly prepared food. That tartar sauce looks great. I gave a shot at making chipolte aioli for sweet potato fries this weekend, it turned out pretty good.

  2. Yes, I did use homemade mayo to make the tartar sauce. Again, I have discovered homemade tastes so much better.

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