Recipe: Gluten Free Hummus

gluten free hummus

Creamy hummus. Gluten free and delicious. What is even better that store bought hummus? Homemade of course. What makes this even easier is cooking chickpeas in a pressure cooker.

I recently bought an electric pressure cooker from Williams Sonoma. I had never used one before, but I have met so many people that love them, and also say for gluten free living it is a must.

I’ve made baby back ribs that fell off the bone, but more often am making varieties of beans. Dried beans are so inexpensive and are a great source of vitamins and protein. A great food for a gluten free meal.

Recipe: Hummus

250 g dried chickpeas
3 garlic cloves
The juice from 2 lemons
1/3 cup organic tahini
1/3 cup good olive oil
1/3 cup water
½ tsp cumin
Salt (I like to use Maldon sea salt)

First soak dried chickpeas overnight in boiling water.

chick peas

Rinse chickpeas and place in pressure cooker. Cover chickpeas with water, making sure water rises about 1 inch higher than peas. Add chopped garlic to chickpeas.
Lock lid in place and cook chickpeas on high pressure for 20 minutes.

cuisinart slow cooker

Once finished, release pressure. Strain chickpeas and place in a food processor.
Add water, oil, lemon juice, tahini, and cumin to chickpeas.

chick peas

Blend until creamy.

creamy hummus

Serve with your favorite gluten free crackers or chips.

gluten free hummus

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  1. Carrie – I’m not familiar with a pressure cooker but could you cook them in the same way using a crockpot?

  2. HI Gwen
    I have only recently started using a pressure cooker, but with my love of beans and lentils the pressure cooker is the ideal, quick way of cooking. In the past I have made hummus using canned chickpeas, but found the hummus not as creamy as I would like. I was spoiled in Toronto this year, after discovering the restaurant Ma Va Me which had this amazing, incredibly whipped, creamy hummus. I have an electric pressure cooker and it allows food such as beans to made quite quickly, but it works great on tougher cuts of meats. I think it is a worthy kitchen investment for the gluten free family kitchen.

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