Todays inspiration for a burger came from my week in Sante Fe, New Mexico. I wanted a burger that had heat and flavor, a lot of what I ate while in Sante Fe. I enjoyed my time there and will do a travel blog next week on my food adventure. I’ve been doing quite a bit of travel this year so I will have quite a few travel blogs for you.

Have you gone on any adventures this year?

Are you obsessed with where you are going to eat as I am?

Back to this weeks burger.

I call this my Salsa Burger for it has Mexican flavors that I really enjoy-and of course, is a twist on the basic cheeseburger.

Recipe: Salsa Burger

½ cup med salsa
½ cup plain greek yogurt
5-6 drops lime hot sauce
Gluten free hamburger buns
Lean ground sirloin
Extra sharp white cheddar cheese
Thick sliced bacon
Jar deli mild pepper rings
One avocado

To make the salsa sauce, mix in bowl ½ cup salsa, yogurt and 5-6 drops hot sauce (the amount of hot sauce will vary depending on your spice level).

Cook burgers on barbeque. Remember that you can also cook bacon on the barbeque (it is a much easier and cleaner way of cooking the bacon)

Top burgers with sharp cheddar cheese and let melt for a few minutes.

To assemble burgers, top bottom bun with salsa sauce.

Place burger with cheese on sauce.

Top burger with pepper rings.

Top pepper rings with bacon and sliced avocado.

Top with bun and enjoy!

What flavors have you experimented with this summer? Have travels influenced your cooking this summer?

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