Recipe: Flourless Fudge Cookies

I have now made these a couple of times. And every time the verdict is 2 thumbs up! These are very easy to make and oh so delicious. [print_this]Recipe: Flourless […]

Olympic Opening Ceremonies

On Friday, I held a Canada party. It was the night of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics games being held in Vancouver, Canada. Over the previous couple of days, […]

Bakery Review: GF Patisserie

Recently I went to a great GLUTEN FREE BAKERY that was opened in Cochrane, Alberta called GF Patisserie and it was fabulous! My sister had told me about this bakery […]

Try Macarons!

I am sure, some of you are thinking I have made a spelling mistake.. In Macarons…… Should it not be macaroons? Actually, NO! Macaroons are a coconut based cookie-and macarons […]

Recipe: Burritos

I have discovered a new cooking show. I found it on the Viva channel, and it is called Simply Fresh Delicious. What I love most, is the show is based […]

An Apology

Well, I owe all, who follow my blog, an apology. I have not updated my blog in almost 2 weeks. Now, where was I you ask? Sunny myself on a […]

Weekend Away in the Mountains

This weekend we spent in Kananaskis country. My husband’s company had their annual weekend away Christmas party. It is a great time to spend catching up with co-workers and their […]