Recipe: Omelette

Making an Omelette Omelettes. Omelettes. Omelettes. I do love them and I find them an easy meal to whip up. My son has recently found out that he cannot eat […]

Weekend at the Chateau Lake Louise

This year for my husbands Christmas party we were lucky enough to stay at the Chateau Lake Louise, in Lake Louise Alberta. The Chateau for many years has been voted […]

Recipe: Gluten-Free Gingersnaps

Gooey, warm cinnamon molasses cookies! A little crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside. And they are gluten free? Yes they are, and yes, it is an easy […]

Gluten Free Sunday Brunch

A new tradition we have started this winter is to share Sunday brunch with our good friends the Gunns. I really enjoy this time to come up with a brunch […]

Recipe: Spaghetti Sauce

I am sure we all have our favorite spaghetti sauces and are really happy with them. However if you are looking for a change and want to try an easy […]

Recipe: Spicy Prawns

Recently I discovered a new show on the food network. It is called “Spice Goddess” and I love it. As I have mentioned in previous blogs I love Indian Food. […]

Cards and Envelopes

As I let you all know recently, I have a passion for paper! I’ve always been “artsy” as my friends call me and in recent years I have been focusing […]