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Just wanted to throw up a quick post for everyone. I believe I have fixed the newsletter. It hasn’t been working the last 2 weeks so for everyone viewing this blog from the newsletter here are the posts you have missed.

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Recipe: Homemade Gluten Free Bread

Recipe: Quick and Easy Hot Beef Sandwiches

One last thing:

For anyone in the Calgary Area…

On April 5, I will be doing a technique class at Williams Sonoma on how to make Gluten-Free Pancakes and ebelskivers. Ebelskivers are a stuffed pancake ball, especially good with Nutella. The class is from 1-2 pm and it is FREE. Reservations are recommended.

Chinook Center Mall
6455 Macleod Trail Unit 0123A
Calgary, Alberta

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  1. Any chance you will give a second bread making class, at a later date??? Unfortunately, we are out of town on the 6th but would have loved to attend your class. I also wanted to let you know that I tried your pulled beef recipe and it was a HUGE hit – everyone raved about it!! THANK YOU so much for that recipe and all the other ones too! I anxiously await my Wheat Free Mom emails, always a treat!

  2. I always waiting for the post of wheatfreemom! You always give me tips which I really love! Thank you so much and good luck!

  3. I am so glad that you enjoy my posts! I really do enjoy sharing gluten free recipes that have worked for me.

  4. Hi Karen
    I am sorry that you were unable to attend my gluten free pancake class, it was alot of fun and I am pretty sure everyone enjoyed eating them. I am unsure when I will host another gluten free class at Williams Sonoma but I will post it on my blog if I do do another one. Any suggestions for a class?

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