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Guest Post My name is Jamie Hyatt, I am a blogger at Devoted Shift | seeking love & light. I was introduced to Wheat Free Mom a year ago when I met Carrie’s son Cameron. I was having a lot of stomach issues during that time with little information or explanations as to why. Some days I would end up in tears from frustration and to my knowledge now, malnutrition, because it seemed as though no matter what I ate I would end up sick. My family doctor told me I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and wrote me a list of over-the-counter products to help ease my stomach and relieve all the indigestion. I wasn’t convinced when I left the Doctors office but used the products he told me to use whenever I was sick.
Let me explain something first- I actually love my family Doctor but I had been through this process before when neither my family nor my doctor believed I was lactose intolerant, after pushing my doctor for the test I had received a phone call confirming what I had thought all along; I was lactose-intolerant. I was eating dairy for over a year, while getting sick, before the confirmed test. It felt like this issue all over again but this time It felt like everything I ate was making me sick so I didn’t know what tests I should be pushing for or the right questions to ask.

Guest Post

GF & Dairy Free Apple Cinnamon Honey Nut Dessert

I soon noticed after my visit with the Doctor that I was masking what was really happening to my body and not treating the real issue at hand. I wanted to understand why I was getting sick, not just relieve it without any explanation as to why my body was rejecting everything that I ate. Being a firm believer in natural remedies I decided to stop taking the products he told me to take and started to look in to other solutions.

Cam and I met in the middle of all of this and quickly bonded over our struggle on finding food that wouldn’t make us sick as he was having stomach issues as well. He urged me to try cutting out wheat to see if it would help while directing me to Carries blog for recipes and guidance.

I have never been so relieved! As soon as I cut out wheat I felt like a totally different person. I wasn’t in pain through-out the day, I didn’t have horrible bloating or indigestion, and I wasn’t getting horribly ill constantly. I could eat without getting sick and regained the energy I had been losing from being sick for months. This was paramount since I am an avid runner and practice yoga multiple times a week. I was back to being active and feeling great. I finally found the solution that I needed. It has almost been a year since cutting wheat from my diet and there is no looking back! Not only am I eating more raw foods, I’ve also become a fearless when it comes to cooking gluten and dairy free. I know more now than I ever have and I am constantly educating those around me about choosing a healthy lifestyle for more energy and long-term health benefits.

Guest Post I have no plans to get any testing done to prove that I am Celiac or Gluten Intolerant. I have had enough experiences with wheat that I don’t need someone to confirm the lifestyle that I have chosen. There were days in the past that I wish I could say that I had the surgery in order to prove my choice of diet to others (especially my Doctor and parents) but because of Carrie (and Cameron) I took a stand on my health and refused to be sick for other peoples benefit. I now have the courage to not apologize for my choices and now live a lifestyle that keeps me healthy and happy.

Take a stand for your health. Do not apologize for doing what is best for your health even if it’s at the inconvenience of others. I wish I made the change earlier and I wish I was more adamant at sticking up for myself around friends and family who doubted me. Their doubt would create doubt in me, I would then eat something I shouldn’t to please those around me, and then end up very sick for days. If you take yourself seriously, everyone else will too.  You know your body and you will know if there is seriously something wrong so stick to your gut.

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  1. Thank you very, very much for the link to my post! This is a subject near and dear to my heart, and it must change. We all have to take responsibility for being that change.

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