Gluten-Free Cookbook: Order Yours Today! ($9.95)

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What if nobody could tell that the meals you cooked were gluten-free?

Introducing… Gluten-Free Family Table: 55 Delicious Homestyle Recipes For The Entire Family

Growing up we all remember the amazing food our grandmothers would share with us, but until now, with our gluten sensitivities, we’ve had to resort to finding new recipes and new ways of cooking… instead of being able to enjoy the classics we all grew up loving.

But what if there was a cookbook we could all call our own – a collection of the classic recipes we grew up with, all adapted to be gluten-free and still taste absolutely delicious.

“Very excited to tell you no one can tell the difference between gluten-free or not!!” -Cathy F

Finally there is a cookbook for those of us who want to live a healthy gluten-free lifestyle for ourselves and our family, while sharing with them the recipes we all grew up with.


In Gluten-Free Family Table, you will no longer have to sacrifice your favorite comfort foods for that silly gluten ingredient.

Food is one of the important elements of every family’s tradition. Food brings family together. Now we can continue to pass our traditions on… even though we’re gluten-free!

“All I can say is that [Wheat Free Mom] has given me inspiration on my new journey [since] being diagnosed with celiacs. Thank you x.” -Jemma

Now we can pass on grandma’s cooking with the rest of our friends and family, classic recipes like cabbage rolls, quiche, potato pancakes, apple pie (with a delicious crust), ginger beef, lasagna, crepes, tator tots, baked mac and cheese, meatloaf… and even shepherds pie!

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Here’s more from others about Wheat Free Mom:

“I am recently diagnosed [with celiacs], and your recipes are a great inspiration.” -Debbie

“I have tried a lot of your recipes and have enjoyed them all.” -Beverly