Recipe: Blue Banana Waffles

I like to play with new ingredients and recently I was in Homesense and saw a bag of green Banana Flour. I was intrigued. The bag said it was gluten […]

Recipe: Pink Paleo Pancakes

Here you go! New recipe #3 for March as promised. This time it is for pink paleo pancakes!! How do I make the pancakes pink you ask? Its not with […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Pumpkin Waffles

  I’ve been on a waffle kick lately. Recently I posted the PB & J waffles, also have buttermilk waffles, Double chocolate chip waffles, and salted caramel waffles. Waffles allows […]

Recipe: Gluten Free PB & J Waffles

The weather here in Calgary has been very dreary. We’ve been waking up to fog every morning, fog so thick I can’t even see the house across the street. And […]