Recipe: Chocolate Pie Filling

Who wants pie? A pie that has a flaky crust and a creamy dark chocolate filling and a lightly sweetened whipped cream. Previously I shared my recipe for a keto […]

Recipe: Keto Pie Crust

I admit it! One of my biggest gluten free baking struggles is a flaky gluten free pie crust. Making a pie crust the traditional way (rolling it out and then […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Nut Crust

Spring has finally arrived in Calgary and with that comes a feeling of newness, of change, of growth and for me happiness. It’s been a long winter here again and […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Pie Crust

Thanksgiving is right around the corner here in Canada and I thought I’d get 5 new recipes out to you this week. Through the years I have made my share […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Chicken Pot Pie

It’s lightly snowing this afternoon, even though the sun is shining. Yep, Calgary has interesting weather some days. With the friendly reminder this past week that it is indeed still […]