Newsletter Fixed

Just wanted to throw up a quick post for everyone. I believe I have fixed the newsletter. It hasn’t been working the last 2 weeks so for everyone viewing this […]

Cards and Envelopes

As I let you all know recently, I have a passion for paper! I’ve always been “artsy” as my friends call me and in recent years I have been focusing […]

Scrapbooking: A Sample

In my bio I had mentioned that I do a lot of crafting in my art room. I thought I would show you some of the scrapbook pages I have […]

Olympic Opening Ceremonies

On Friday, I held a Canada party. It was the night of the opening ceremonies for the Olympics games being held in Vancouver, Canada. Over the previous couple of days, […]

A Basket of Goodies

Well, I am back in Calgary. Sad to leave my friend in Texas but always happy to see my husband, kids, and friends. As soon as the weekend hit I […]