Recipe: Blue Banana Waffles

I like to play with new ingredients and recently I was in Homesense and saw a bag of green Banana Flour. I was intrigued. The bag said it was gluten […]

Recipe: Pink Paleo Pancakes

Here you go! New recipe #3 for March as promised. This time it is for pink paleo pancakes!! How do I make the pancakes pink you ask? Its not with […]

Recipe: Baked Egg Cups

I love eggs. I also love bacon so anytime I can combine the 2 together is always a good thing I think. These baked egg cups do that and more. […]

Recipe: Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Are you a fan of chocolate milk? Did your drink ready made chocolate milk or make it yourself using Nestle Quick? I remember having both as a kid. Now my […]

Recipe: Veggie Berry Smoothie

Are you a fan of places like Jugo Juice, Booster Juice and Jamba Juice? If you are a smoothie drinker then you are going to like the recipes I will […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Muesli

I was never a big granola fan when I was a kid or maybe it is just I never really had it as an option for breakfast so as an […]