Recipe: Vegan Pumpkin Magic Bars

Feels like its all about pumpkin and pumpkin spice right now and I am completely OKAY with that. Canadian thanksgiving is fast upon us and these vegan pumpkin magic bars […]

Recipe: Coconut Cranberry Bars

These gluten-free coconut cranberry bars will now be a favourite recipe for the holidays. I guarantee if you like chewy coconut bars, this recipe will be a hit in your […]

Recipe: Grain Free Jam Tarts

Jam tarts. Jam, jammy tarts. This is seriously the simplest of a tart filling for all you are going to use is jam. Whatever jam you have in the fridge […]

Recipe: Quinoa Granola Bars

I am always looking for new ways to make homemade granola bars and especially ones that are lower in refined sugar. Have you looked at the sugar content in most […]

Recipe: Chex Marshmallow Bars

We have had very little hot weather this summer in Calgary no in fact it was quite cool and rainy most of the time. On the rare hot day we […]