Gluten-Free Bread Recipes

Gluten-Free Keto Bread

Gluten-Free Keto Bread

A great low-carb bread recipe is a big help when you are focusing on a keto journey. This low-carb bread is simply so good and is also easy to make. It has no eggy-taste and definitely will hit the right spot to satisfy those bread cravings. This keto bread is...

Recipe: Gluten-Free Apple Pumpkin Loaf

Recipe: Gluten-Free Apple Pumpkin Loaf

Can you ever put too much cream cheese icing on a pumpkin loaf? I know I say it a lot but you must make this gluten-free apple pumpkin loaf. It is super moist and has the flavours of apple, pumpkin, walnuts and spices. Have company coming over for brunch? Serve this...

Recipe: Grain Free Lemon and Lavender Poppyseed Loaf

Recipe: Grain Free Lemon and Lavender Poppyseed Loaf

I have been busy in the kitchen working on grain-free recipes for you all. Grain-free baking has been requested a ton my readers lately so I am happy to share that I have 7 new GRAIN-FREE recipes coming to you on the blog. First up is a grain-free lemon and lavender poppyseed loaf. You wont […]

Recipe: Dutch Oven Cherry and Pecan Bread

Recipe: Dutch Oven Cherry and Pecan Bread

Recently I shared a recipe for gluten free White Sandwich Bread(link to previous post) made in a bread machine. I wanted to see if I used the same basic recipe but changed the technique in the way it is baked if the recipe would still work. Well it did! I am thrilled! Basically this bread […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Bread – Made in a Bread Machine

Recipe: Gluten Free Bread – Made in a Bread Machine

As promised I finally got my bread machine out and played with ingredients to come up with a great tasting, large loaf white sandwich loaf. I really cannot believe how big the loaf ended up being and I am excited to share this new recipe with you all. With school about to start this loaf […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Dairy Free Banana Bread

When I first started Wheat Free Mom I was looking for a platform to share my journey into baking and cooking gluten free for my family. As a German/Ukrainian girl who grew up with homemade desserts at every meal and who made everything from scratch for her kids, the diagnosis of Celiacs disease for me […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Dairy Free Focaccia

I have been meaning to come up with a new gluten-free focaccia recipe for awhile now. Today was the day. I have to admit that most of the time most new recipes come to me fairly easily but today, not so much. My first attempt at focaccia did not turn out so well. While it […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Poppyseed Loaf

In my previous post I shared an old recipe from pre-celiac days to gluten free. The gluten free banana bran muffin recipe turned out so well I couldn’t wait to switch up one of my grandma’s recipes. My grandma meant so much to me that it warms my heart to not only think of her, […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Dried Fruit Loaf Cake

Do you like loaf cakes? Loaf cakes are basically a denser cake batter baked in a loaf pan. They are normally less sweet than a regular cake and require no icing. You can icing them if you want but it is not necessary. Loaf cakes slice nicely and are a perfect light cake with a […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Baguette and English Muffin

I have been working on bread dough recipes the last couple of weeks. Bread recipes are definitely lacking on my blog and I knew I had to challenge myself and try to come up with some. Baking gluten free bread here in Calgary is definitely a challenge. Not only are we near the mountains, we […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Oatmeal Molasses Bread

The other day I went on Facebook and apologized for not sharing all the new recipes I have developed lately. I am not the most confident writer and do tend to avoid it when I can. I would much rather play in the kitchen coming up with new gluten free baked goods plus savory foods […]

Recipe: Gluten Free Cornbread

Do you use cast iron pans? Have you tried cast iron pans? I, as everyone around me knows have a love love relationship with La Crueset! I literally use their enameled cast iron pots almost everyday. In fact today I made chili in a large La Crueset round dutch oven....

Recipe: Homemade Gluten Free Bread

Now for the Recipe... Here is a recipe for gluten free bread. I was able to make this bread using my bread machine, which meant eating homemade bread in a relative short period of time. This bread had a crispy crust and was light and soft. Again, not something you get...

Recipe: Gluten Free Honey Mustard Dressing

Ahhhh paninis….have you heard about paninis lately? Do you know what a Panini is? If you watch Oprah at all, this season, one of Oprah’s favorite things was the Breville Panini Press and her Panini sandwich. A Panini is basically a fancy grilled cheese sandwich....