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Recipe: Gluten Free Toffee Bars

gluten free toffee bars

Do you like granola bars? I do. In fact, I like to call them square cookies sometimes. I like to come up with different ways to make them. Stove-top. No-Bake. Layered. This recipe I am going to share with you is my new favorite. It is quick and easy and combines stove top plus baking. […]

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Recipe: Gluten-Free Kale and Sundried Tomato Pasta

Main Dishes
gluten free kale and sundried tomato pasta

We are half way through January. How are you doing with your New Years resolutions? Did you even make any? Both myself and my hubby decided that this is the year we will finally get into shape. We’ve each committed in our own way how to get this done. My hubby is running on the […]

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Recipe: Home-Made Sugar Body Scrubs


It’s unbelievably dry here in Calgary. If anyone follows me on twitter you’ve probably noticed that I have been asking for remedies for my dry and cracked hands. I received a lot of suggestions and I really appreciate all of them so thank you. Moving to a more humid climate isn’t an option unfortunately but the other […]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Pretzel Bark


  Chocolate Bark is a tasty treat that is easy to make. You can have so much fun playing with flavor additions as well as toppings. Gluten free to me means using great tasting quality ingredients and enjoying a safe treat to enjoy. It still amazes me how much gluten is put in our foods […]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Curd


If you hadn’t realized it yet- I love my Meyer lemons! They are sweet and fabulous. I could eat this curd straight out of the jar. It’s even better when it is freshly made and is warm and sweetly tart. Top waffles with lemon curd, or use it in my gluten free english scones. I […]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Meyer Lemon Squares


  I’ve been searching for a great Meyer Lemon Square. This past week I found one on the Land O’Lakes website, but  it was only for regular lemons. I personally love Meyer lemons since they are more sweet than sour. I have been looking forward to trying them in this recipe! I really enjoy searching for […]

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