3 Holiday Treat Recipes that are Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free and Low in Sugar.

gluten free elderflower marmalade oat bars

Happy New Year everyone! It is hard to believe it is already 2014 and I am going to be 49 years old this spring. Yikes! Last year on my 48th birthday I realized I needed to get healthy. The first thing I did was buy the UP bracelet from Jawbone (insert jawbone website) and get [...]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Pie Crust

gluten free pie crust recipe

Thanksgiving is right around the corner here in Canada and I thought I’d get 5 new recipes out to you this week. Through the years I have made my share of thanksgiving desserts, but one dessert you cannot have it seems is pumpkin pie. I decided to make a simple gluten free pie crust using [...]

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Ideas for Hosting a Gluten-Free Christmas Party (And Tips For Turkey Dinner)

gluten-free christmas dinner party

I apologize in advance for the quality of photos in this post. I took them once the party had started and they turned out a bit blurry. I’ll blame the wine. This past weekend we hosted a Christmas/Housewarming party. With our renovation completed we wanted to combine showing off the house with a Christmas celebration. [...]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Sheet Cake

Recipe: Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Sheet Cake

It is now a month before Christmas so I am thinking that I will pump out quite a few new recipes for everyone for the holidays. In fact, I will not be writing stories of my days, or life being gluten free. I figure, we all have so much to get done in the next [...]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Salted Caramel, Banana & Toasted Almond Waffles


  With the holidays over, you probably have family and friends still popping by and the kids are still off of school. So you may be looking for a great brunch recipe! This is a delicious gluten free breakfast that will surely be your new family favorite. Gluten Free Waffles topped with warm salted caramel sauce, bananas and [...]

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