Recipe: Gluten Free Coconut Cake

gluten free coconut cake recipe

The holidays are almost here. Stressing over gifts, family visits, cooking or baking? As much as I love the holiday season it can in itself bring more stress. Need the perfect last minute Christmas gift? Give the gift of a cookbook full of delicious gluten-free recipes your friends and family will LOVE. Order Now We [...]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Almond Butter Crunch

gluten free almond butter crunch recipe

Do you like Almond Roca? Do you wish you could make it yourself? Wishing for an easy gluten free recipe? No problem! I have an easy gluten free recipe for you today that tastes just like Almond Roca. Excited? I should warn you though: You will have a hard time not eating it all, so [...]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Date Cake

gluten free date cake recipe

Warm date cake. Warm date cake individually baked in ramekins. Warm date cake topped with hot caramel sauce. All this and gluten free too! This is a recipe you will want to make and share for dessert with your friends and family. You can bake this gluten free date cake the day ahead and just [...]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Apricot Coconut Bars

gluten free apricot coconut bars recipe

Christmas is right around the corner so I am going to be posting as many new gluten free baking recipes as I can. That being said, I am sure my family will be quite tired of sweets by the time christmas rolls around. Christmas is the time to indulge in the occasional sweet treat so [...]

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Ideas for Hosting a Gluten-Free Christmas Party (And Tips For Turkey Dinner)

gluten-free christmas dinner party

I apologize in advance for the quality of photos in this post. I took them once the party had started and they turned out a bit blurry. I’ll blame the wine. This past weekend we hosted a Christmas/Housewarming party. With our renovation completed we wanted to combine showing off the house with a Christmas celebration. [...]

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