Traveling Gluten Free


Ahh..travelling…I love to travel. I have learned in the last couple of years to be much more patient and to go with the flow. I am off to Texas for 2 weeks to visit my girlfriend. And as it always seems to be, getting from Calgary to Houston is not as easy at it seems. […]

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Four Blogs I Endorse!

Carrie Recommends

Part of the reason I decided to blog, is that I am a follower of other excellent blogs. Right now, my favorites are: Gluten Free Girl Karina’s Kitchen Gluten Free Gobsmacked Elana’s Pantry Please check them out. They are funny at times, and also very insightful about living gluten free. Shauna Ahern AKA Gluten Free […]

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New Beginnings, Start of Another Journey


Well, this is my first blog. And as any journey, I hope to lead myself and others to a love of food and also make the food gluten free. I will experience bumps in the road, but I will write about those bumps, how I feel about them, and also, write about the many successes. […]

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