Recipe: Gluten-Free Vegan Pumpkin Coconut Soup

gluten free vegan pumpkin coconut soup recipe

Today’s recipe comes from one of my neighbors, Mallory. Her family has lived across the street from me for more than 15 years! She is passionate about cooking, food, traveling, and blogging. She is a great bread baker and likes to do a majority of the cooking for her family. In the last couple of […]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Donut

Vegan Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Donuts

This is another recipe from Erin McKenna’s new cookbook ‘Babycakes Covers The Classics.’ I can tell you that my family and friends have been really really happy with this cookbook and the donut recipes. My son stopped in at the house while a batch of these gluten free vegan chocolate donuts were still warm and […]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

Gluten Free Cinnamon Sugar Donuts

First, and foremost I have to thank Erin McKenna at Babycakes in NYC for these donuts. She gave me a recipe to make delicious gluten-free vegan donuts! I’m not vegan but I have a son who is gluten-free and vegan and the same with his girlfriend. So we have been including more vegan meals and […]

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Recipe: Gluten Free Black Bean & Chickpea Lime Salad


  Looking for a salad that your vegetarian or vegan guest(s) will enjoy? What about a salad that satisfies your gluten free  family members? If you’re searching for a delicious side dish/appetizer that is super easy to make, and ‘keeps’ nicely in the refrigerator… This is the recipe for you!   Gluten Free Black Bean and Chickpea […]

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Recipe: Gluten Free African Peanut Soup

Main Dishes

    It’s a dark and cloudy day today in Calgary. It’s looking like we are about to get a bit of snow and temperatures will soon drop. “What to do?” Well for me, that means making a pot of something warm for the tummy. I don’t know what it is about having a big […]

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Recipe: Vegan Gluten-Free Eggplant Lasagna In a Jar


This past weekend for us, was Thanksgiving and I had a mix of dietary issues to include for the meal. I am gluten-free as you know, but my son and his friend Jamie are also vegan so that needed to be addressed for the meal. Was there still going to be turkey and stuffing? Of […]

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